Vinohrady is one of the most elegant residential neighbourhoods in Prague. During the 19th century, the landscape was covered in rose gardens, orchards and vineyards (vinohrady) running down the gentle slope towards the River Vltava and the centre of Prague. Vinohrady is now one of the most stylish districts in the city, its broad tree-lined boulevards and colourful squares offering an exceptional array of architectural styles from Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau to Pseudo Baroque and Neo-Gothic. Within these doors are to be found some of the hippest and exciting cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs in Europe. The district’s charming Riegrovy-sady and Havlíčkovy-sady parks provide a very pleasant relief from the sometimes maddening crowds of the centre. One could quite happily while away a few days just hanging out in Vinorady alone – although, of course, that would be missing the bigger picture. The city centre is extremely easy to reach – either three metro stops on the A-line or two subway stations on Tram 11, or just an undemanding ten minute stroll through some of the most spectacular streetscapes of Prague.


Five things to do in Vinohrady

Bars & Restaurants

  • Sahara Café
  • Namesti Miru 6
    Tel: 222 514 987 A stunning interior with great international food makes this a great spot for a civilized evening. In summer book a table on the terrace. 
    Americka 20, Prague 2.
    Tel: +420 222 513 340
    One minute down the road - a good French restaurant - well priced. Flamboyount staff !
    Giardino - enotico con cucino 
    Zanhrebska 24, Prague 2
    Tel: +420 222 513 427
    One minute down the road - a good Italian restaurant with a garden terrace.
    Hlucna Samota
    Zahrebska 14, Prague 2
    Tel: +420 222 522 839
    One minute down the road - named after a  Czech poet - this is a classic Czech eatery with well priced food and drink, a great terrace on the street and an interesting interior. A real pity that the staff are so grumpy - but well worth a visit.
    Americka 17, Prague 2.
    Tel: +420 222 328 643
    One minute down the road - this is one of our favorites locals - although don't expect fine dining. Its well priced Czech food and drink, with great beer. Set in our local square - they also serve food late should you wish to dine after a late flight. It also has books, chess, backgammon, cards...
  • Radost Fx Café
  • Belehradska 120
    Tel: 603 193 711
    One of two great vegetarian restaurants in town, above a club, hip with large sofas and eclectic Baroque décor, this is great for a snack or large meal - very well priced. Also a night club and the best DVD rentals in town.
  • Olympos
  • Kubelíkova 9, Praha 3, Žižkov,
    Tel: +420 222 722 239
    An excellent Greek restaurant – with a large garden – good for kids
  • Aromi
  • Manesova 78
    Tel: 222 713 222
    The best and most authentic Italian restaurant in a chic space. It has wonderful antipasta, fish and meet. Special lunch deals, pricier for dinner. It also has its own delhi opposite. Highy recommended.
    Pivovarsky Dun
    Jecna / Lipova 15
    Tel: +420 296 216 666
    Should you wish to visit a superb Czech restaurant set inside its own mini brewery then this is your spot. Excellent beer as can be expected - and the beer is very good. A great atsmoshere and only a ten minute stroll from No 46.
  • The restaurant group Ambiente has an increasing number of locations around town, including the Café Savoy and Degustation. The original one is on Manesova – American style food.
  • Trattoria Rocca on Anny Letensky is an authentic Bolognese eatery
  • A good Czech pub in the neighbourhood is Hlucna Samota on Belgicka, and further along is the chilled out Meduza café.


There are two excellent Italian delis nearby, one on Americka and the other on Rimska, as well as an excellent Greek deli, ‘Greek corner ‘ on Francouska 31  just round the corner.

For Asian foods (fresh lemongrass etc) there is a shop on Korunni street, while for Middle Eastern and Indian supplies you take tram 22 or 23 to Farah orientální potraviny, Myslíkova 5.

There are various Chinese run corner shops. The best of these is our local. Turn right out of the door and head up to Francouska, it’s the first on the left. Continue down to the next block to get to the 24Hr supermarket.

The international supermarkets are Albert in the Vinohrady Pavilion on Vinohradska or Tesco on Belehradska, but the nearby Czech one on Francouska stays open 24 hours.

The best shop of all is the Vietnamese owned food store on the corner of Belehradska &  Tylovo Nam, which also has great value wine. There is a fresh bagel kiosk opposite. If you continue down (towards Wenceslas Sq) Belehradska you come to International Nuts, opposite Radost, which has a wide variety of herbs, spices and exotic foods.

For the best meat go to Yorkshire butcher Robertsons

For a health food Bio market head to Vinoradska 35.

There is a Dutch-owned international cheese shop on Jugoslavska 23.

For a Boots style shop selling anything from toiletries to olive oil to health foods try  DM on Francouska opposite the tram stop.